And we’re back

So just like that – she crazied herself out of something that could have been really good.  But she missed him – described him as sweet and shy and affected by his past…. and that he was gentle and nice.  All true, gentle reader – but there is so much more depth than that.  Surely, as he made her run topless from the car, or recorded her screaming she could have clued in …. no.

So, we play and it’s good.  When it’s good it’s good.

Parker is sniffing around my skirts again  – apparently he enjoys my new found feisty.  So maybe, after 20 years we might get to the things he wanted to get to.  But still, all about him and his needs.  All these boys – selfish lovers.  One day I shall find someone who wants to devour me….. oh wait… see above…

Mr Grey – photo shoot today – pics to come eventually.  Good fun, he’s an easy sell and it’s fun to flirt with boys.  First uncircumcised cock I’ve had in a long time – so that’s unusual for my era of boys.  But on the list of things I have learned about myself today – I’m not so great at vanilla sex.  Indeed I am, at best, indifferent.  I left unsatisfied – gave him what he wanted, but really, see above point about selfish lovers.  That and he looked like the tool too much for me to switch off.

Now to keep being me and playing so that I can work on making him jealous – maybe he’ll want me more if I become harder to get.


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