Starting again. Again

I hate it.

All I want is a handsome man to save me from the monsters – someone to seduce me.  Someone to find me enough to want to chase me.

Tinder is soul destroying – endless mindless self promotion in the hope that my wit and charm will win over a stranger who will want to do more than just fuck me.

I just want affection.

I want someone to put their head on my shoulder, tell me that I’m enough and that I’m ok.    The rest….

It’s the thing of being “on” all the time.  Of having to impress and play the game and all that stuff…  I’m tired.  I want someone else to make the effort.


He got his results so he can fuck her now.  Which means we’re officially done.  The last nail in that coffin.

I am so sad.

I am so fucking lonely and tired and trapped and sad and lonely and sad and lonely and tired and trapped.

I can’t do this.


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