Am I?

Am I some kind of pushy bitch who just makes people do things they don’t want to do?

She paints me as some kind of demanding harridan who demands all of the things, removing her free will and “making” her do uncomfortable things.

I didn’t “demand” she attend formal.  I didn’t “demand” that she start messaging my partner.  I didn’t “demand” that she send him sexually explicit materials.  I didn’t “demand” that she fucked him on her front lawn….

And yet – when people ask her why she’s doing something – it’s because Jane “made” me.

Fuck that.

If you need to reframe all of your choices so that they are someone else’s fault, then that’s your stuff.

But I’m done. No more passive aggressive decision making.  If you want something – you can take care of it.  If you feel “uncomfortable” dancing – then don’t.  Go sit down.  If you don’t want to follow me around taking photos, then don’t.  You’re a grown ass woman.  Make some choices that are your own.  If you “want me” then fucking talk to me, set it up and take some initiative.

And if you don’t want me – or don’t want him, then say that.

I’m out.  Go be with your fiance. You want to fuck my partner – he’ll wait for you to set that up.  But neither of us are going to chase you.



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