Date night

We finally spent the goldclass tickets for our date night.

Thanks Cat, for being just crazy enough that you never got to be spoilt in that kind of way.

And the follow up text messages – because gods know we can’t say what we think face to face..

“I really like you, you know that, more than just for sex.”

“I like you for more than sex too.”.

What I like about our “relationship” is that we are honest.  Both of us too jaded and cynical to be manipulative – neither of us want more kids – we don’t want to get married and we don’t want to rush.  But we’re more than just fuck buddies.  Neither of us are particularly good at articulating beyond that – but who needs labels right?

Why then do I find myself crying in the car on the way home from him.  Is it that it still feels like I’m a whore when I turn up, we fuck and then I leave?

He joked once when I started to get dressed – “don’t put your clothes on as if you think you’re done.”….  then ask me to stay.  Just that one word.

that being said – I could really go a long hard scene with N but he’s with D now, much to S’s trauma….  I am so pleased for him.  He posted a pic of her on fet amdist the pile of socks and it just warmed my heart.  Even more was his message that she doesn’t take the cane as well as I do.  I’m so fucking competitive sometimes.




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