Is it our anniversary?

Our kids met and played together.  That’s that then?

Nich is pissed that I haven’t been responding to him – and to be fair, I haven’t.  When someone beats you into a puddle and then you are kind of off limits then it’s hard to say that out loud.
As much as I miss the play – and gods, the masochist aches, yes yes she does – I don’t/can’t be that girl any more.  It isn’t something that Sy is into – and I get that – the whole kink thing is triksy for most people at the best of times.  But if I am to make this deal, then I make the deal and put aside some of it.

I’m not entirely sure how long I’ll survive it.  Either that or I’ll have to introduce my kinks back in – slowly slowly.  I know he doesn’t understand the places my head goes – and I have to be so careful of that.

But it’s been a year since that first moment where he turned up – wild.



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