Busy but no better

DW- check – but he says that he wants to chase – to pursue – to talk to me – and then radio silence for days – hola mixed messages.  He was fun, but in the grand scheme – the silence is pretty telling.

C – in Sassafras – far too needy and intense.  The last time, he started in again on why I don’t have a man, a boyfriend, a lover….  I cried but there was no emotional connection with me at all – it’s like he didn’t realise that he’d upset me – just kept going.  And when we’re playing he just stops mid moment to ask some inane question.

SM – the baby powder… nope.  Again – too intense – stops mid moment to check in – needs too much feedback and spends his time pushing me to do things I don’t want to do – too much kissing and too much up in my face.  He keeps wanting me to put my arms around him – actively moves my arms up – so not my thing – don’t push me to be affectionate – let me get to it myself.

A – busy busy – keen but again too much?

I miss Sy – said it and got dismissed…. oh well.

Why don’t I have someone?




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