Some of my dear friends have posted lists of “anti- resolutions” – things they endevour to avoid in 2017 – I suppose the impetus makes sense – better to set the bar low and celebrate the things you don’t achieve because they were never goals, rather than setting yourself unachievable things.

Then there are others posting lists of 52 things they’re going to do.

I have nothing so formal or structured.

Many of my choices are already made for me.  I’m back in the class room – I’m not doing the welfare work any more.  So I’m already “looking after myself”.

I have a little girl so I’m already working on being fitter and healthier – cooking more nutritious meals and blah blah blah…

I’m med free, haven’t cut in a whole week – go team.  I’d like to say that I may go back to therapy, but I won’t – time poor and would rather spend the $ on gin.

What I want for 2017 is to build better friendships with people who meet my needs.  Rather than being the “yes” person who yields to please others, I need/want to start asking more of people.  Of not doing what I think I should.

Of being less fearful that people will leave me.

People will leave me.  But in 2017 I’d like to know that it isn’t my fault.




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