Sunny Side up

So… popped another cherry on the weekend.

Took a few of my coveted child free hours to visit a desingated clothing optional beach with S.

He’s far more the voyer than I – I walk with my eyes down – I worry that if I start looking around then others will be looking at me – and I’m just not sure that I’m ready for that kind of scrutiny.

But I lay there, on the towel with the hat over my eyes and tried to not think about it too much.

Then I took myself for a swim.  I am such a child of the ocean – that was the foil for me – it was brutally cold, but clear and just what I needed.

I can see why it could be fun – especially with others of the same mindset –  a space to just hang out and relax – safety in numbers perhaps?

This whole body positive thing is such a hard limit for me – but his casual approach seems to make it easier?

Although, it wouldn’t hurt to be told that I’m pretty…. not just a tool or an instrument to fuck, but something to be appreciated…

He’s not the one for that.  I know it.




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