A battering

A week’s worth of “feedback” and I’m done.

I’ve danced this dance with people like him before – those who present a front and take on a role and decide they are teacher/educator/mentor.  They find themselves unable to stop.

So – a man under the guise of being his “girl” messages me with the hopes of connecting.

We decide, after a three hour job interview (conversation in his mind) that I’m not a good fit.  I say, ok.  A shame that he has formed this judgement of me and my ability to “submit” adequately.  Then the remainder of the week of his constant justification of his decision.

I get it.  I got it the first time. I’m pretty smart – which incidentally was one of the reasons you didn’t like me, remember?

But don’t tell me that I’m not good enough, then keep coming back to say that you don’t mean to upset me but that I’m still not good enough.

I know. I tell myself that every day.  A thousand times a day.



I blocked you – so if you wouldn’t mind not using other people around me to continue to justify your shitful behaviour, that would be helpful.

In all of this, your “girl” has bothered to check that I’m ok and has apologised far too often on your account.  So you know what – I’m going to set my pretty little brain on making sure that she is aware of how much of a cunt you are.  You see, you may have convinced her that being a sub is putting up with lectures and being worn down by “actually”…. but I’m pretty fucking insightful.

Want to see me be “non-congruent”?  (Yeah, I’m a senior English teacher, big words don’t intimidate me.)

Bring it.


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