On territory

So, someone reached out to me this weekend to make new friends.  That’s fine.

Until it was revealed that the person was actually the male partner of the woman and that he has a whole other agenda.  Right… dealt with that.

So – He (J/D) spent a good three hours putting me through what I can best describe as a job interview to satisfy himself that I would be a good fit for he and his “girl”.  Most of that was a critique of my level / quality of submission and the assertion that I am not committed enough because I refuse to only serve one person.  That I consider playing with multiple partners as part of my journey and that exclusivity is not something that I was willing to commit to (especially for someone I’m chatting to on the internet!).

Here’s the kicker.  He’s married.  His wife is not aware he has a “girl” and certainly not aware that he’s looking for a second girl.


That being said – she also then started to message me separately.  We had a lovely chat which then ended up with our meeting for a swift coffee on Sunday.  We clicked on a few levels and I think it’s an interesting friendship that has potential for good fun.

But in the last 12 hours…. three of my boys have messaged her.

Am I being silly – territorial??  I want to say back off – she’s mine.  But I own her less than I am willing to be owned by someone so that isn’t my issue.  But come on boys…. a new shiny thing in the yard and you’re all storming over me to talk to her.

Way to make me feel special.



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