To the tool

I summoned up the courage to ask about child support.

Got told that I was being hyperbolic and that I was making a fuss.

Ok. $6K owing.  Last payment in Feb.  These are all facts – so I sent them.  I sent the case numbers, the figures, the agreements, the whole lot because be damned if I’ll be accused of being a liar.

Then radio silence.

Because it’s easy to play victim when you think that the person you’re up against will bend and acquiesce and then apologise and try to make it all better.  That’s what he spent 10 years doing.  He spent 10 years training me to apologise for the things I wanted or needed.

No longer.

No more.

So now, I will ask once a month about payments.  Then I will start asking about contributions towards childcare, surgery / medical appointments and lessons.  When you fail to pay and owe $10K I will take you to court.  I am done letting you live your new car new phone charmed life.

At the moment, in the 3.5 years she’s been alive and the 9 months before that – all of it was on me.

I am blessed and grateful that I don’t have to rely on his money – thank Gods.  This is why I can view you with such contempt and derision.  Such a tool.



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