On categories

So I realised today that I’ve got my boys and my men in very deliberate groups – all neatly sectioned off.

That I even delineate the difference between my men and my boys…

But none of them partners.

All just neatly kept at arms length for safety and security.

I fell asleep on S’s couch today – we joked about the wake up process, but he apologised for it – madness.  I wanted to say that it was a sign of just how chilled I was, but that would mean admitting a feeling that wasn’t linked to the tomfoolery…. so I bit my tongue…

oh gods… his tongue….


And on a side note – Steve – bloody suicidal fucker – Can’t believe that I had to get the police to go around.  Be damned if we’re dancing that dance again.  I am cross with myself for once again being in that space of being the compassionate saviour, fucked on from a great height.  I attract the crazies sometimes.

But now, gentle reader – how to do the next bit.  The falling in like bit… I’ve got that covered.  I really enjoyed my day today – the simplicity of it.  How do I do that more without my heart getting in there.



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