A came over today for all of 40 minutes.  Just stepped out of work for a moment.

Told me to be naked and ready – so I was – also reading Medea, but work never stops, right?

Aggressive and assertive – he knelt over me and came – it was the command to look at him that tipped me over.  Gods I enjoy a command.

He put his hands around my throat, over my mouth and although tentative, there is such potential in him to push harder.  He took it away too soon – but there’s that kamikaze girl trying to control – topping from the bottom… lol

I have discovered I like the narrative – the discussion – the talking.  Here is what I am going to do, here is what I’m going to do to you next.  So not a discussion.  A statement of facts.  Yup…  got me to cum on command – new for him.  Such fun.

Yes…. that’s the phrase for the day.  Fun.

So where I write about feeling like a whore with these boys who turn up, fuck and leave; A has so far managed to leave me grinning. Which is a plus.

So adding to the list of things I enjoy – good rough fuck – and hearing him cum – gosh I love me some vocal boys.


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