“Are you ok, you seem a little short”…. after being chastised for playing along with B talk. “Go, I’ll stow it, vent.” – then silence for 30 minutes while he looked at porn and made himself cum. “Whatevs” – after I tried to share some of the stuff that I’m struggling with.   He spends… Continue reading Whatevs


“I’ve told E2 I’m getting her a girl for christmas” – is that me?  Do I get to respond to that?  Do I get to say, actually, I have no desire to be with someone who isn’t interested / experienced / turned on by me?  Always the teacher, yet again taking the lead with a woman… Continue reading Limbo

18 hours.

18 hours. I had a perfect 18 hours. He’s with K2 tonight. And sure – it might be perfectly innocent (as innocent as a bathroom littered with sex toys she “forgot” to put away)… but 4 hours of radio silence while he’s with another woman… fuck me.  Even with E1 he was never gone that… Continue reading 18 hours.